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About Atak-avv

The year is 2050. Wars between nations have been outlawed. Instead, the new warriors are the Elite programmers of every nation. Wars are fought in a virtual arena using automated bots that are controlled using a computer language similar to C.

Project active again.

2004-05-23 - John

After over six months of being pretty much dead, the project is once again active. We've got a new website thanks to Andrew Morritt and John Ilves has begun work on the code again.

Devel list creation.

2003-09-27 - theStArZ

I've created a devel mailing list for our project. Mundane development news and discussion will go there. Anything important and I'll post it here too. Anybody interested in helping with the project is encouraged to subscribe.

Website now uses php.

2003-09-25 -theStArZ

I've changed our website so that it uses php to load the links at the top of the page from a single file instead of repeating the same html in all the files. Now when we add a page to the site we only have to add a link in one file. Also now that all the files/links have been changed to .php we can easily add more php-powered features in the future.

We have a webpage!

2003-09-24 10:02 -theStArZ

ATAK-AAV now has a webpage. I've uploaded what I've been working on to the project homepage for the world to see. :-)

Development has begun!

2003-09-02 13:44 -normf

Design has begun on this game using the Umbrello UML modeller. XML output for this design will be controlled under CVS. Browse the CVS repository for details under the docs module.

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